I've always been jealous of people that were able to come up with such creative and entertainment content on the internet.  It took all the way until I was nineteen before realizing I could be involved in it in one way or anouther.  It was my friend and co-host Chris Lai who came up with the idea to do a technology opinion show and that gave me a great excuse to go ahead and make a site like this one to give me an excuse to create and share all of my ideas.  The webpage itself being one of them.

 I enjoy the learning as much as the creating which is why I strive to do everything I can by myself without any premade images, themes, or programs to help me, despite my lack of structured schooling.  I realize this might make things look a little more simple then usual, but it is also much more flexable and expandable.

My greatest hope is that my podcasts, videos, and blogs can bring joy to anyone.