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Fast Forward Podcast

People are always talking about the amazing technology that come out of companies like Apple, Microsoft, Sony etc. but sometimes progress can seem so slow between evolutions and revolutions in technology.  So, being the impatient folk that I am, I decided to make a podcast focused around speculating about evolutions and revolutions yet to come.

Fast Forward is that podcast.  I look at important changes in social and technological themes, examine them in an idealistic and pessimistic light and then make a prediction to the true outcome.

Updated Fridays.

Leet vs Noob Podcast

My friend Chris and I are always arguing about the silliest things. This is us recording some of those things.  Leet vs Noob is a podcast where we debate whatever we feel like.  It starts with just random discussion about the video game industry, but it will branch out in later episodes.

After we finish saying what we have to say, we throw it out to the podcast listening public to decide who is right. The winner gets a 2 minute soap box to talk about whatever he wants. So make sure your opinion is counted.

Look for it on Mondays


January 8, 2011

Chris and I have finished our first three episodes Leet vs Noob!  Congradulations to us and all that have helped.  We will continue working on making it as good as we possibly can.  Here's to our first podcast of the New Year.

January 5, 2011

After a long break it just seemed so wrong to come back to doing the same old same old.  We would need to go above and beyond to justify it.  This is why This! Podcast has officially been retired.  If there is a need to restart a general tech news and opinion podcast it will be restarted under a different name.

The time we spent on that podcast was a wonderful experience and I think proved to us that we have the ability to claim a space in this admittedly crowded realm.  I will never forget it.

Good bye This!, hello future!